Happy New Year….another year…..

Hi all….gosh, where is the time going? Time is just zooming by. WOW!!
Well, every year since I was a child, my mother made our traditional Japanese new years soup. I mean, it was a MUST in our household. It is supposed to bring good luck and good health. Hmm-m-m-m-m-mm……….welllllllllll, I dunno bout that. However, one year, my ex said to me, “hey, how about we skip having that Japanese soup this year? Cuz I sure don’t see that it is working for us”. hahahahahahah, well I ignored him and continued to make it. I even encouraged my friends and coworkers to have a bit, promising them good luck and good health. After a few years, they too asked me to not force them to eat the soup since they saw no change in their luck or health. But I did have a couple of friends who to this day make the soup every year. hahahahahahha. Well, I decided to skip it one year, then I skipped it again another year. Not much changed. I mean nothing really terrible has happened, but I really haven’t seen the good luck the soup promises…..or the good health. But I must say, I didn’t make the soup the past 2 years and my health has not been as good as it used to be. I blame it on age, but maybe I need the Japanese soup after all. So, what the hell……..I made it. It surely couldn’t hurt, right?? It is loaded with chicken, napa cabbage, mushrooms, all cooked in a soy sauce based chicken broth…..it really is delicious. So, since I can’t force you all to eat some soup, just look at the picture, think positive thoughts and know that I am wishing you all great luck and good health this year. But if you really want soup, come on over. I made plenty!!!
Happy New Year everyone…….


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year….another year…..

  1. Well, the soup sounds quite interesting and appetizing but are the those pretty pink things in the picture edible or did some decorations get thrown in?

    • the pretty little pink flowers are indeed edible. If you have ever had the imitation crab meat that they use in American sushi bars (to make California rolls), it is the same thing, just made to look like pretty little cherry blossom flowers. It is to signify new blossoms…new growth….for the new year….. 🙂

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