About Me

bunch of photos 163 (2)My name is Betty and I have a problem. I’m a bake-aholic. Baking is not just fun, it is therapy for me! I have a full time job that does NOT fulfill me like baking does. I dream of baking and boy do I love to feed people. You come to my house, and I will feed your face. Seriously!! Just ask my daughter and my friends. My daughter, Little sugarbundle, will often say “Mom!! Can I at least just sit down and relax first?”

I have a need to feed. Hahahahaha, I will stuff your face….and your belly.  But you will be happy!! My friends and coworkers blame me for weight gain. But they always come back for more. But hey, if their clothes get too tight, not to worry. I can let the seams out in their jeans, because I can sew too! I am a crafty-sew-baker person.

I live in San Diego and while I work full time at my not fun job, I also have a small baking business. Hey, I was making cupcakes long before it became a craze. But my true baking passion is cookie painting. That is where I can get really creative. I paint sugar cookies.

I am addicted to cooking shows and often I will pretend that I am on TV, as I am baking in my kitchen.

I hope you will enjoy my blog. Please feel free to write and lets talk baking…or sewing….or crafting…or share your baking adventures with me.

My email address is sugarbundlebetty@outlook.com



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice website, Betty! Down to earth and funny. You’re awesome! Let me know when you open your bake shop so I can buy your goods and visit you.

  2. wow!!! Betty I really like your blog!!! Its awesome, you are so funny on here but you also have some delicious looking baked goods. Of course i know how they taste cause i have had my share of cupcakes, cakes and cookies!!! This is awesome,i’m so happy for you!!!

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