Oh Christmas tree….Oh Christmas tree….

Can you believe that it is Christmas next week? Don’t you feel like we just did this???? OMG, this is the first year ever that I am really behind and not ready at all. What to do, what to do!!! I made my salted caramels last night. I had 2 failed batches out of 4 batches. rrrghhhhh. So, someone on my gift list is getting a nice jar of delicious caramel sauce. 🙂 I made 9 dozen cookies for my daughter to give to friends. It is her favorite cookie and I only make it at Christmas time. It is a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie with tart dried cherries and toffee bits. SINFUL. We call it THE cookie. m-mmmmm-m-m-m-m-m
Now it is off to make buttercrunch popcorn….my favorite Christmas treat. I will post pictures tomorrow! Sweets, sweets and more sweets…even my tree is decorated in sweet treat ornaments.
caramels2                                               caramels1

tree3        tree1


6 thoughts on “Oh Christmas tree….Oh Christmas tree….

  1. I bet your carmel sauce is to die for on Ice Cream!! Looks like we’re NOT going to get together for your birthday/Christmas this month. How you lookin’ for January???? Happy Birthday….Merry Christmas…Happy New Year. CU soon!!!

    • Hi Pat!!! yes, its my birthday weekend. between celebrating, baking and Christmas shopping, i am feeling my age. Birthday dinner tonight with friends, sure wish you could join us! I will email you later today.

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