Strawberry Cream Cuppies and a Japanese dinner??

Since it’s been awhile since we have had cupcake Friday at work, I decided to take cuppies tomorrow. One of my coworkers requested a strawberry cream filled cupcake. Well, it is hard to find good strawberries in January. I can’t wait for summer fruit time! Anyway, I settled on frozen strawberries. My strawberry cream turned out a bit soft, but delicious. I filled a basic white cake cup with the cream, topped with a fluffy white whippy cream frosting and sprinkled with bits of strawberry. As I serve them, I add a little dollop of the strawberry cream on top. DELICIOUS. It felt good to bake. I haven’t been doing much baking lately. Although I did make a killer batch of creamy, chocolate fudge last week. I must promise myself to ONLY make that once a year during the holidays. It is dangerous stuff….it makes your butt bigger. Not a good thing….unless of course you were blessed with a tiny butt. I was not, sad to say. Maybe I will call this fudge Big Butt Fudge. Ok, back to the cupcakes…..I think later in the week, I will make some red velvet cuppies. I will post those too.


Now, on to my Japanese dinner….I made chicken tonkatsu. You may know it as Chicken Katsu, as it is called in Japanese restaurants. It’s chcken breast, cut into strips, or pounded flat, dipped in egg and then rolled in Panko, a Japanese breadcrumb. Panko is much better and crunchier than your average bread crumbs. The dipping sauce it is served with is Tonkatsu sauce……a slightly spicy, sweet, yummy sauce. I also made some kimchee. That is a Korean pickled cabbage and cucumber salad. It is marinated in salt, red pepper, lots of garlic, ginger and green onion. It is a great thing!! So many uses!!

I hope you enjoy the pics………..I will gladly give you the recipes if you would like!
chickenkatsu kimchee

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