Merry Christmas fishies

I got an order for some Christmas Fish cookies. They are for a Fishing club that my friend Kim belongs to.  The fish are the cutest things ever. Hahhahah. I also did some baking for my annual cookie exchange tomorrow. I made pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate, coated with toffee bits, cookie crumbs, coconut and drizzled with white chocolate. They are delicious….a little bit of salty with a lot of sweet. Yum-m–m-m-m-m. I also made my favorite cookie……..well, one of my favorites anyway…..chocolate chip oatmeal. I’ve already eaten 3, yikes! Then I made my homemade cocoa mix. I only make this at Christmas time. That too is delicious.
Well gotta do so more baking…will post pics and tell you more about the cookie exchange tomorrow!!!!!
christmasfish      pretzeldips

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