busy baker I am……

Happy Wednesday my friends………It is a busy baking week for me.  A coworker ordered some alligator sugar cookies for her daughter who attends San Francisco University. They were fun to paint….goofy purple and gold alligators!  I also had another order for cookies and cream cupcakes. This weekend I have an order for a lego birthday cake…..hmmmm. I am up for the challenge! i wll post a picture if it turns out…….

Well, I have chosen a winner for the Brownie brittle….I think I like the name Crazy Crunch!!! Congrats to Daniel who will soon be enjoying a delicious bag of Crazy Crunch!!!!!  Stay tuned….I have another contest comng up next week.

I am still working  on that recipe list for you all.  Sorry it is taking so long, but soon!! Thank you for your patience. If there is anything that you would like to see here on my site, please just let me know!! alligators







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