Today it’s not about the sugar…..

SUGARBUNDLE implies sugar…..sweets…..baked treats…..and while we all love all that wonderful goodness, I made something for dinner that I just must share. Yes, a non-baked item. Disappointed? I hope not! Just hear me out, ok? Seriously…..this is so good. I made this super simple, deliciously slightly sweet and spicy salsa/relish. See there!! I said “sweet”. Feel better now? There is something sweet after all. Ok, so I served this salsa/relish over some moist, flakey fish. I used Swai. If you haven’t had it, I highly recommend it.  However, I’m sure any fish will work. I think chicken would be great too. Ok, so back to the salsa/relish. It’s light, fresh, healthy, slightly crunchy and delicious. It is super simple and yummy. I guess you can tell by now that I really, really liked this, huh? I will give you the recipe if you promise to make it. You promise? Really? ok….

1 cup chopped up pineapple (or crushed would work)
1 serrano chile, minced up very fine
1 tablespoon minced purple onion  (you might call it red onion)
sqeeze 1 lemon or lime
salt & pepper
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Combine everything, let it set awhile. I added a few grape tomatoes that I had pan roasted. Just spoon it over your fish or chicken and say YUM-m-m-m-m-m-m-m. Let me know if you try it.



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