Cupcake Friday

lemoncreamAhhhhh, it is finally Friday and it is cupcake day at the office. I love cupcake day. I love seeing the smiling faces of my cuppie coworkers as they walk away with their cupcakes!! It makes my heart happy.
Today’s cupcake is Lemon Cream…..a light, fluffy lemon cake, topped with whip cream and a dollop of lemon creamcheese. M-m-m-m-m. So yummy. I did have one whiner today…….a hater of lemon. You mention anything about lemon and his face puckers without even tasting it. How could anyone be a lemon hater. He whined, and pouted. I encouraged him to try it…….well, I pretty much force fed him. LOL. He did say it wasn’t bad, but he asked that I never make lemon again since HE is a hater and it’s all about him. Good thing he is a good friend. Otherwise he might have been wearing that cupcake! I wanted to just smoosh it all over his cute little face. He is a high maintenance sweetie pie, but I adore my friend.
Happy Friday all!!

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