Day 2 Bah Hum Blog….

Hello there. As I said yesterday, I have a little more to add on the subject of recipes not turning out like the blog shows.

There have been times when I have commented on a bloggers site, as to my experience in making their recipes. I do let them know when the appearance is way off or the taste and texture is not as was described. But I always do it in a nice way. After all, we’ve all made things that were just disappointing. It really disappoints me when a blogger doesn’t acknowledge comments. Especially when they flat out ignore a specific question about the recipe. Ohhhhh, that just hisses me off.

With all of that being said, I wanted to share with you a wonderful experience with an awesome blogger. She did a post on brownies. As you all know, I have tried and tweaked lots and lots of brownie recipes (42 to be exact) and have been on the search for the perfect brownie. Well, I made her brownie recipe and I posted some issues that I had experienced. A few other people commented with the same issues. She so graciously replied to EVERYONE. You could tell that  she genuinely cared about her product and the problems we were facing. She mentioned that she may have to make some changes to her recipe. I was blown away when she did just that! She actually took the time to play with her recipe and make some adjustments. She cared! She posted the new recipe, along with the original recipe, just below the new one.

When I had originally posted my issues with the recipe, I did let her know that in no way was I criticizing. Fortunately, she didn’t take it that way. In fact this is what her response was “Don’t feel bad about your comment at all!! I love having people telling me how a recipe turned out for them whether it be good or bad. It just helps me become a better cook myself!”

So cool, right? I can’t wait to try her revised recipe. Her name s Malinda and she has a really cool blog. Please check her out at

Ok, gotta go. I have brownies to make!

Oh and always let me know if you have a problem with one of my recipes! Those of you who know me, know that I would most likely come to your house and make it for you! hahahahhaahahahaah.



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