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Do you mind if I whine for a bit?

We all get on line and search recipes all the time, right? I am constantly looking for ideas and recipes that I can get inspiration from. I will admit, I rarely follow recipes exactly as written. I like adding a bit of this and a bit of that…leaving out this and leaving out that. You get the picture. But there are those times when you see the picture of the finished product and you want your dish to look exactly like the one pictured. You want it to taste the way it is described. I hate, hate, hate following a recipe and having it be a disappointment. If someone claims to make the chewiest cookie, it better be chewy! It better not be some flakey, crumbly, crappy tasting cookie. You know what I’m sayin? I know you do!

Now, maybe I am just very picky when it comes to my food. But come onnnnnnnnn. Too many times I have made something from a recipe and it looks absolutely nothing like the picture. That really bothers me. Am I obsessing? Ok, well, maybe. But, but……it bothers me and I just can’t let it go. Oh my gawd, as you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking “wow, this gal needs some help”. Hahahahahaha.

The other day, I saw an interesting cookie on line. It was so purty. It was nice and brown, had these crater crackly tops. It was described as buttery and chewy. What the heck!! It never did get brown. There was not one single crackle. It was poofy. There was no chew. There was no taste! Blahhhhhh.

Then I noticed a picture of a plate of brownies on a blog. But I saw the same exact picture…..seriously….on another blog! The recipes were different on each blog, but the finished brownie pictures were identical!!! Whaaaattt? Oh my.

I just want you to know that if ever you should make one of my recipes and have any issue with it, please either leave me a comment or email me. I will do my best to see what may have gone wrong.

But wait!! There’s more……but I am done for now. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bah Hum Blog……..

  1. I think you sound just like I have been looking through your posts and you have some great recipes and I love chilli and ice cream.. and I think you should whine away and then have one..A wine that is…Enjoy!

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