Watermelon Sangria……………….

So, I don’t know if you all are fans of Country Music or not, specifically Blake Shelton. He is a good lookin, very tall country singer. He is also a judge on THE VOICE. Did I mention he has these incredible dimples? Well, anyway, he has this new song out called SANGRIA. I love that song. It’s sweet, sexy and romantic and all…..but forget that mushy stuff. Just the mere mention of the word sangria, is what got me. hahahaha. I think as summer gets closer, the perfect drink is an ice cold, fruity sangria. I just happened to have the perfect wine. I’ve mentioned a few times here on my blog, that my favorite vineyard is WIENS. I love their big, bold reds, but the whites are the best as well. If you are in California, I highly recommend visiting their vineyard and tasting room, in Temecula, CA. You can find more information  here  http://www.wienscellars.com

This is a simple sangria, but delicious and refreshing. If you are using a really good wine, you don’t want the fruit to overpower the wine. I must warn you, this stuff is way too easy to drink. It’s that good. It’s too easy to have one or 3 glasses. 🙂 Oh, now don’t forget about all that wonderful fruit that gets soaked with the wine. Mm-mmm-m. For this particular sangria, I used watermelon and lime. But adding peaches, berries…any of your favorite fruits would work. For a really good wine, like this White Crowded, by Wiens, pears would be perfect.

watermelonsangria watermelonsangria2

watermelonsangri3  watermelonsangri4

1 bottle of good white wine, not too sweet
approx. 2 cups of chopped watermelon
1 lime, sliced thin

Chop watermelon and drop it into a large mason jar or glass pitcher. Drop in lime slices. Pour in a bottle of chilled wine. Stir and poke the watermelon a bit to release the juices. Chill for at least an hour or two. Shake and pour over ice. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Watermelon Sangria……………….

  1. Yum, watermelon has been good here. Not sure why we didn’t have a few drinks while you were here. Next time???? Hugs

    • Patrice, this watermelon wasnt as good as the one we had at your house. and remember the drink you made us? that was strong enough to last us the entire time i was there! hahahahaha. so good though. hugs to you too

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