Candy Cane Vase Project…..

Well, I broke out the Christmas decorations, put up my tree and did a couple of crafty Christmas things today. I am in the holiday spirit. One of the projects I made is a candy cane vase. Super simple and adorable. All you need is a cylinder type vase or jar…..or even a can…..a couple of rubber bands and some candy canes…….oh, and ribbon. You just gotta make one. Im not sure what I am going to fill mine with yet…maybe some pinery and red carnations. Hmmmm…

Put 2 rubberbands around your vase, and start putting your candy canes under the rubberbands, against the vase.


Continue with the candy canes, all the way around, butting the candy canes close together.

candycane3 candycane4

Tie a wide ribbon (covering the rubberbands) around the vase. That’s it!! I need to change the bow to a red bow. Not liking the white.


You can do a search for candy cane vases, on line to get some ideas on different uses for the vase. Have fun!



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