Gobble Gobble……

I just painted the last of the Thanksgiving cookies…..turkeys and fall leaves. Tonight, I passed out some turkey cookies to a bunch of my neighbors. They are a bunch of elderly ladies that are a kick. They are often gathered outside when I get home from work, sharing the latest gossip. So cute. The way they just giggled and lit up when I gave them cookies, just touched my heart. Then I took some to the local coffee shop and you would have thought that I gave them a million bucks. One young gal came out from behind the counter and gave me a big hug! I passed some out at my favorite restaurant too and the servers were so excited. I love painting cookies and passing them out. A simple little cookie just brings out the biggest smile. I love that.
Anyway, just sharing some of the cookies I have been painting this week.
leaf1 leaf2

leaf3 turkey_1836

turkeys2 turkeys1


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