Chocolate cream pie in a cup……………..

I think most people like Chocolate Cream Pie. It’s another one of those comfort type foods, right? Which leads me to this………I heard someone on television recently talking about comfort food. They were saying that they just don’t agree that there are any REAL comfort foods….that it is only an excuse for us to eat what we shouldn’t be eating. Well I say Bulls*!# to that! Am I right?? If you eat something that you really enjoy and it brings you that AHHHHHHHHHHH feeling….if it takes you to a calm, wonderful place, maybe back to a good childhood memory….if it just makes you feel good when nothing else can….isn’t that comfort food? The nerve!!!!! This guy probably eats nothing but wheat grass and dry puffy rice cakes!

I asked around and these are some foods that bring people comfort…


Mac n cheese
Fried chicken and masho tatoes
Biscuits and gravy
Chicken and dumplings
Noodle soup
Ice cream
Clam chowder in a bread bowl
Chicken wings

Oh my. Anyway, I got way off subject here. Hahahahaha. This post is about chocolate cream pie. I think THAT should fall under the comfort food category too. Today, I brought in individual chocolate cream pies in a cup, to the office gang. A crumbly chocolate cookie crust, with rich, silky chocolate pudding, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cookie crumbs. M-m-m-m-mm-m-m. So creamy and yummy. Of course you could make a big ol pie, but it’s kinda fun to have your very own little “pie” in a cup. Sometimes I make these in little mason jars. It’s a nice little gift. However you prefer your pie, just do it!

piecups7 piecups6 piecups5

piecups4 piecups3 piecups2

Chocolate Cream Pie

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