Chicken wings……my favorite thing……

Oh my gosh…….you know how Oprah has her “my favorite things” shows? You know how you come across something that you just HAVE to share with everyone you can think of? Well, this is one of those things. I recently discovered them at a chinese restaurant. Salt and pepper chicken wings. I want to tell everyone I know about these wings! If I could, I would make them for all of you out there reading my blog. They are simple, quick and now a favorite of mine! My sister and I have always been chicken wing fanatics. When she sees this post, she is going to go NUTS.
Can I share a wing story with you? So, years ago when sis came to visit, I was living with someone. Let’s just call him Sam. Well my sister and I were craving wings, so we sent Sam to the store to get us some. Now you all know how wings are….you can eat a million of them, right? ok, ok, well maybe not quite that many. But you know what I mean. So Sam brings home a package of 6 wings. Sis and I stare at him and wait for him to take a second package out of the bag. What!!???? no second package?? Has Sam lost his mind?? ok, so the conversation went like this:
Sis and I: “uhh, 6 wings for 3 people? Are you kidding us!”
Sam: “6 wings should be plenty for 3 people”.
Sis and I: “I hope you know you are going back to the store!”
Sam: “A person doesn’t need more than that.”
Clearly, he is not a wing person and he has lost his mind, right???? WHO eats just 2 wings!!!!  He just didn’t get it. So, obviously sis and I jumped in the car and off to the store we went. By the way, he ate a lot more than 2 wings! 🙂
You must make these. Make a lot of them and share them with the world!!

wings3  wings2 


Salt and Pepper Wings

A package or 2 or 3 of wings (flappy part and drumetts)
1 cup of flour
3 tablespoons of cornstarch

1 green onion
3 cloves fresh garlic
Red crushed chili flakes or a serrano or jalapeno chile
Kosher salt

Mix the 2 dry ingredients together and coat the wings. Fry them in hot oil till brown and crispy. Remove from heat and place on paper towels to drain off the grease.
While the wings are frying away, mince up the onion, garlic and chile. Mix in some salt.
Sprinkle this mixture ALL OVER the wings. Enjoy!

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