A japanese favorite….

I grew up eating a lot of Japanese food. My mom and dad were both great cooks. My dad made all the great comfort foods that were so not good for you…but they sure were tasty. My mom had her own specialties…..the best spaghetti sauce, the best fried chicken. But she made some wonderful Japanese dishes too. I will be posting those in the coming weeks. A favorite in our house and a favorite of mine today, is yakisoba. You will see it on every menu of a Japanese restaurant. It’s a Japanese comfort food. If you like noodles, or as my mom would say…..noodoo…..you will like this. You can even find it in your local grocery stores now…usually where you find lunch meats, canned biscuits, etc. Strange place, right? If you live near an Asian market, pick some up there…they freeze well. Each package comes with 3 packets of noodles and seasoning packets. You really only need those two items, but to make it the real Japanese way, you will add some chopped cabbage, pickled ginger and a sauce called Tonkatsu sauce. You can find the pickled ginger and sauce in the Asian markets and at some of your local supermarkets,  in the Asian section. But seriously, you really don’t have to add the ginger and sauce. Just add some sliced chicken,beef or shrimp and you have a great meal. Really!!
I took a picture of the ingredients I use. I hope you will try this! As my little Japanese mom would say, You eat the noodoo, make a you hoppy.

yakisoba3  yakisoba1 yakisoba2


1 package (3 packets inside) yaki-soba (not the instant dried kind, shown on tv) blekh…
the 3 seasoning packets inside
chopped fresh cabbage
2 tablespoons of pickled ginger (optional)
1/4 cup Tonkatsu sauce….sometimes called Bulldog Sauce (optional)  **
sliced beef, chicken, shrimp (optional)

Remove the noodles from the packets. Break apart the noodles with your fingers. You can rinse them to make it easier to loosen. In a large skillet, fry your meat and then throw in the cabbage. Toss in the noodles and your seasoning packets. If you are going to use the ginger and Tonkatsu sauce, now is the time to do that. Toss together and it is as easy as that! You eat the noodoo, make a you hoppy.

*Tonkatsu or BullDog sauce is similar to A-1 sauce. It’s slightly sweet, goes great with chicken, beef or pork. It is delicious. You will love it.




6 thoughts on “A japanese favorite….

  1. I’m going to definitely try this!  I LOVE Yakisoba!  You know I’m half Japanese too ya know!  Me and my sis FUBY!  xoxox

  2. I used to eat yakisoba all the time when I lived in Japan. Thanks for the recipe. Do you really use all 3 packets to one clump of noodles? What do you use the rest of the noodles for?

  3. I remember eating this at your house! Your mom’s cooking was the first Japanese cooking I had. She also made like a “sushi” roll with pickled veggies. Yum, yum!

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