Chicken Poblano Chowder

Chicken Poblano Chowder


2 cups boiled shredded chicken                                                                   

1 small onion, diced

2 cloves garlic

1 handful chopped cilantro

1 fresh jalapeno minced

2 large fresh poblano chiles, chopped

3 cups chicken broth (I used the broth that I boiled the chicken in)

1 cup milk or half and half

2 large potatoes’, cut in chunks

1 cup canned or frozen corn

1/2 cup of your favorite salsa

Put everything into a pot except the potatoes. Cook for about 30 minutes.  Add  potatoes…simmer for another 30 minutes or so. Or you can do this in a crockpot too, Slurp it up!!!! Yum Yum

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