Orange Crumble Coffee Cake……..

M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m, I sure wish you could smell the wonderful aroma of the orange coffee cake that I just took out of the oven. The combined smells of cinnamon and orange and brown sugar……well, what can I say? It is amazing. If you recall, I think I told you awhile back that every Friday is cupcake Friday in our office. I decided to make this coffee cake instead. It is always a favorite and it is delicious. I think it may be loaded with vitamin C also!!! Oranges have vitamin C, right? Well, I used 2 whole oranges! Therefore, I believe it is a semi healthy coffee cake. Ok, ok, maybe not. But it sure couldn’t hurt. I will gladly provide the recipe if you would like it. Just leave a comment to let me know. Speaking of recipes, I will have a recipe index in the next week or so. YAY! I am so excited. After all, who wants to look at a food blog that has no recipes. Thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate your patience.


8 thoughts on “Orange Crumble Coffee Cake……..

  1. That looks like to most delicious coffee cake ever made! And you get a dose of vitamin C too!! I have got to try and make this.

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