gobble gobble…almost turkey time!

Next week I will start baking and painting turkeys!! Turkey sugar cookies that is…..no, not turkey flavor. Just yummy, buttery sugar cookies that look like the cutest turkeys ever. It’s a bit boring to paint them in the normal browns. So sometimes I dress em up…..get a little crazy with them. One year, my friend Patti……hi Patti…..and I baked a big batch of these turkeys. Well, we wanted color, so we painted pink and purple turkeys. Her hubby walked by the table a couple of times looking at the cookies with a puzzled look on his face. Finally he asked “are those turkeys??” Our turkeys looked like a bunch of floozies…like they were going out for a night on the town!!! We only did a few that way and then went back to a more traditional, BORING look. hahahhahaha. It was fun. Another time, I took a turkey cookie and put it between two pieces of white bread, slipped it into a sandwich baggie and gave it to a friend who loves turkey samiches. He got the biggest kick out of that.

Anyway, if you would like to order some turkeys, just let me know. My email address is on my About Me page. Give these little guys a good home. You will “gobble” them up. hahahahaha, get it?? gobble them up? Ok, I’ll stop. By the way, they come in chocolate or lemon/vanilla.

These pictures are last years cookies. If you order, don’t worry, you will get a fresh batch….not last years cookies. hahaahahah.


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