Ugly wrinkled cupcakes anyone??

Hmmmm, sometimes even a normally good baker person can have a disaster in the kitchen. I am on a quest to make the perfect yellow cupcake. The one I made tonight….wellllllllll, not so perfect. They came out of the oven looking so heavenly…puffy, the perfect domed top, nice color…..ahhhhhh, smelling all nice and vanilla-ish. I left my pretty little babies  to cool off for a bit. It hadn’t even been 10 minutes and when I went to check on them, this is what I found:


Ugliness…..ugly little babies…shriveled….wrinkly….shrunken…..I have no idea what happened. Amazingly, they taste really good. They have a nice texture, not too sweet. But I sure wonder what could have happened. Big sigh….I will try another recipe tomorrow.

stay tuned……….

9 thoughts on “Ugly wrinkled cupcakes anyone??

    • Hi Wendy. I did try it again and had the same thing happen. I used super fresh ingredients, and did everything right. The same thing happened again so I tossed the recipe. I hate that I wasted all those ingredients. Sorry to hear it happened to you too.

  1. thanks for all the comments folks. haahahaha. a friend of mine called me today and said “what the hell were those??” hahahhaahahah.

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