Salmon “salad” Sandwich with Asian Dressing…….

Salads, sandwiches…….everyone loves them. I know I do! There is a local restaurant who used to serve my favorite salad. All of a sudden they took it off the menu. I was so upset! I mean, how rude!! Ha.

It was simple…..spinach, greens, chunks of tuna and sprinkled with a few pumpkin seeds. It was all tossed in a spicy Asian dressing. It was so light and absolutely delicious.

Now I just make my own. But this time I used salmon and put it all in a sandwich, with homemade rolls. It’s one of my favorite sandwiches. Whether you use salmon or tuna, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Salmon “Salad” Sandwich with Asian Dressing
(for 2 sandwiches)

approx. 8 oz salmon filet or canned tuna
fresh spinach or leafy greens
slices of purple onion


3/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 white or red wine vinegar
1 clove garlic, grated
1/4 tsp wasabi
2 Tblsp soy sauce
2 Tblsp water
salt and pepper to taste
pumpkin seeds (optional)  yum!

Mix all dressing ingredients and give it a good shake or pulse it in the blender.

Pan fry, poach or bake the salmon. Allow to cool and break it up into chunks.
Place the onion, spinach and/or leafy greens in a bowl. Pour on some dressing and give it a good toss. Gently mix in the salmon or tuna. Pile the mixture on good sandwich bread.

4 thoughts on “Salmon “salad” Sandwich with Asian Dressing…….

    • Hi Carol. I love salmon so much. But I have a hard time eating it because I like it raw with soy sauce the best. hahahahah. take care!

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