Cheesy Chicken Chorizo Won tons….

Hi all, Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. I’ve been having so many computer issues. I’m not a real techy person, so it has been so darned frustrating! The good thing is I have lots of good things to post, so I hope you’re hungry!

Today my good friend Juan finished up the last of getting me set up with my new laptop! Yay! I love it. With every little thing he did, I kept asking him “how do you know to do that?” I mean, come onnnnnn…..swipe, swipe here, click there……..I am just in awe and wish so badly that I was techy!  Recently, I figured out something on my phone all on my own. I texted Juan and said “YAY, does this make me techy?” His response was “LOL”. Oh well.

So anyway…I decided to make him a good lunch and something a little different. I made crispy little wontons filled with chicken, chorizo and cheese. YUM, right? Well then I made a salsa cream dipping sauce. Sooooooo good. He really liked it and that made me happy.

I hope you will make these, because they are really something different and tasty.



Cheesy Chicken Chorizo Won Tons

1 package won ton wrappers
1 chicken breast minced in little pieces
1/2 lb chorizo (pork or beef)
1/2 cup shredded cheese
oil for frying

Cook the chorizo and drain it on several layers of paper towels. Cook the chicken in a skillet and add the drained chorizo. Allow to cool to room temp. Stir in the shredded cheese. Put slightly under a tablespoon of mixture in the center of each won ton wrapper. Wrap like a burrito, sealing with a bit of water.

Fry wontons in hot oil (medium high heat) just until golden brown. The filling is cooked so all you’re doing is browning the wrappers. Drain them on a paper towel.

Dipping Sauce

1 cup sour cream
1/4 – 1/2 cup salsa

Mix together and that’s it. Serve with wontons. Great on tacos and burritos too. Oh, and chips!



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