Watermelon Agua Fresca…….

Awhile back, a friend of mine introduced me to agua fresca. It’s a refreshing Mexican fruit drink. The first one I ever had was pineapple. Oh my, I was hooked. I wanted one every day. I started making them at home…..pineapple, strawberry, cantaloupe and watermelon. Oh yes, watermelon…..my all time favorite. I bought a small wedge of watermelon and made agua fresca. OMG, I drank it all in one evening! Love, love. So yesterday, I bought a whole watermelon. Hahahahah and I juiced it all. I had 3 glasses today. I can’t stop drinking it. I want to hand everyone I know, a glass of this and say “here! you have to drink this!” It’s so refreshing……and healthy. I mean, I think it’s healthy since it’s just fruit and water. Since watermelon is pretty much water, does this count towards the 64 ounces of water we’re supposed to drink every day? I would certainly think so!  I hate water. But I sure don’t mind drinking it this way!

If your fruit is naturally sweet, you don’t have to add any sweetener. Just fruit and water. But I will admit I did add a wee bit of Splenda in this batch.

Go get a big ol watermelon, chop it up and make your agua fresca. You will be hooked!

Oh, I’ve included a picture of the pineapple peach agua fresca I made awhile back. It’s made the same way as the watermelon.


Watermelon Agua Fresca

4 cups of fresh watermelon, cut in chunks (5 cups pureed)
1  1/2 – 2 cups good cold water
sweetener (optional)

Place the fruit in a blender and blend until fruit is all liquefied. I like mine almost liquefied….with some texture. That’s totally up to you. Pour into a large pitcher with the cold water and chill.

Pour over ice and enjoy!

Fruit suggestions:
pineapple (good with coconut water)

Any combination of these fruits would be great.

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