Quick and Easy Oreo Cookie Truffles…….

Looking for a super quick treat?

I don’t know one person who doesn’t like Oreo cookies. Cookies and Cream ice cream, cookies and cream cupcakes, cookies and cream bark, cookies and cream cake pops……I’ve made them all.  Now, these are alot like cake pops, but they aren’t dipped in chocolate and they are not on sticks. Now, of course you could do that if you want to, but I wanted something a bit more creamy and something quick and simple.  I am calling these truffles.  These make a great gift. They’re simple, but rich and delicious. They are so pretty too. With the holidays approaching……EEK, can you believe it?…..these would be a great gift. You could dip some in chocolate, drizzle with white chocolate, roll them in cocoa, sprinkles or nuts. The possibilities are endless. This time, I just rolled the balls in crushed cookie crumbs. Then you could put them in a pretty little candy boxes or a nice tin, tied with some ribbon. Who wouldn’t be happy to get that!

These are super simple and quick. So, no excuses to all of you “non bakers”. There is no cooking or baking involved. You can get out all your frustrations by crushing the hell outta some cookies. You get to play with “dough” and they are so inexpensive to make!!!

I also made some chocolate red wine truffles that are DELICIOUS. I will be posting those later in the week.

oreotruffles1 oreotruffles2 oreotruffles3 oreotruffles4

 Easy Oreo Cookie Truffles

1  package of Oreo cookies (your favorite flavor) plus another  half package to crush for coating
6 ounces of cold cream cheese
Optional flavoring: 1 tsp coffee liquor, Chambord, rum, bourbon, etc.

Remove all of the white filling from the cookies of one of the packages. If you want the truffles sweeter, leave the filling in 3 or 4 cookies. Place the cookies in the food processor and blitz, blitz, crush, crush to a fine crumb. Add the cream cheese and flavoring. Blitz again until you have a smooth mixtures that all comes together. Form the mixture into 1″ balls.

NO FOOD PROCESSOR? Put the cookies into a large zip lock bag and crush them to smithereens with a rolling pin or something heavy. Dump the crumbs into a bowl and add the cream cheese and mix it all together with your hands. Form into 1″ balls.

Take half the cookies from the other package and remove the filling. Crush the cookies into crumbs. Roll your balls into the crumb mixture, gently pressing the balls into the crumbs. Place into little paper candy cups. Store in refrigerator. These are good served chilled or at room temp.

Makes approx. 45 truffles.


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