Egg Chorizo Potato Stack…..

Yummmm, chorizo. Chorizo is so good. There’s  beef and pork chorizo, as well as soyrizo. I prefer the pork, but I have had the soyrizo and I must say, I couldn’t really tell it was soy. There are so many things to do with chorizo. But this is one of my favorites. I love the combination of chorizo and potatoes together, You add an egg to that and ohhhhhhhh my. It’s like a comfort food. You really don’t have to put it on a tortilla, but it just takes it to a whole new level, Sometimes, I drizzle a cheese sauce on top, or some sour cream. But usually I just drizzle some salsa on top and what a great breakfast…..or lunch…..or even dinner! I like my eggs runny so all that runny yolk oozing out everywhere is just so good. If you don’t like your eggs runny, you could use scrambled eggs. That is good also. It’s an impressive brunch dish that guests will love. Mm-m-m-mm, served with a mimosa…..oh YUM




Egg Chorizo Potato Stack

serves 2

half of a link of chorizo or soyrizo
2 corn tortillas fried flat and drained on paper towels
1 medium potato, cooked and cut into cubes
1/2 small onion, sliced thin
2 eggs, fried, poached or scrambled
optional toppings – sour cream, avocado, cheese

In a large skillet, cook the chorizo until done. Add in the cooked, cubed potatoes and the onion. Stir until onions are soft. Set aside. Cook the eggs to your preference.  Spread the chorizo mixture on top of the fried, crispy tortillas.  Carefully place an egg on top.  Add the toppings of your choice.


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