Edible Candy Bowl…..

Here is a wonderful holiday gift idea. Not only is it pretty and useful, but you can eat it too! Yes! Wouldn’t you love to get a gift like that? So easy to make. I just made one for a dear friend of mine for her birthday. I made it with both dark and white chocolate and then I filled it with some buttery caramels. She loved it!! Yay! It’s so nice to give someone a gift that you’ve made and then watch them smile. It makes my heart so happy.

I’ve made edible bowls before. I have filled them with candies,  chocolate mousse, cookies, and ice cream. I even make them filled with non edible items like jewelry, little kitchen gadgets, a nice scarf. You get the idea. It really is a unique gift that always surprises people. Christmas is coming! Know someone you would like to surprise?

candbowl1 candybowl2

candybowl3   candybowl4

Edible Candy Bowl

Wilton candy melts (1 bag per little bowl) Melted and poured into a pastry bag or zip lock bag (snip off corner to drizzle)
a bowl to use as a mold
foil paper or plastic wrap

Tear off a large sheet of foil paper or plastic wrap, large enough to cover your bowl completely. Make sure it is snug against the bowl. There are 2 ways you can do this:

  • place the bowl rim side down, on a sheet covered with foil or parchment. Start drizzling melted chocolate all over the bowl.
  • pick up the bowl with your hand under the bowl and start drizzling chocolate with your other hand. You can get a more precise design this way. Use enough chocolate and avoid having large gaps or spaces, so that your candy bowl will be sturdy enough to hold any items you plan to put inside of it.
Once you are satisfied with your design, Place it back on your sheet pan, rim side down. Place the sheet pan in refrigerator so the chocolate can set up quickly. Once set, you can add another layer or flavor. Chill completely……at least half an hour.
Once your chocolate bowl is set up, very carefully remove the foil or plastic wrap away from the rim of your mold (bowl). Your mold (bowl) should lift right out. Now, carefully remove the foil or plastic wrap away from your chocolate bowl. If you used foil, tear it in pieces if you have to. There you have it!! A beautiful chocolate bowl. Gently move it to serving plate or gift box. Chill it if you aren’t giving it away right away.
Note: If you are not comfortable drizzling the chocolate, you can also just melt your chocolate in a bowl, and then take another smaller foil lined bowl and dip it into the melted chocolate. Then, place it on a foil lined sheet pan, bottom side down, and chill.
A balloon works too! Just blow up the balloon, dip it into the chocolate, set it on a sheet pan. Once it has set up, simply pop the balloon and remove the balloon piece. Easy right?

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