Easy Peach Jam with a Kick………………………..

I have never really had the desire to can my own fruit or veggies. Seems like a lot of work. But I wanted a good homemade peach jam. I love a good peach jam. This one is super yummy, super easy and there is no canning involved. YAY! Plus, I was able to control the sweet factor. Often times, the store bought jams are just too sweet for me. Now, this peach jam has a real kick. I added serrano chiles. Wait!! don’t go away……keep reading. Don’t wrinkle your nose…..If you like heat at all, you will love this. Or even if you don’t, surely you must know someone that you would love to make this for. Right? You don’t have to make it real hot. I didn’t. After all, I really wanted to taste the peachy-ness. It’s great to serve over a block of cream cheese with some crackers, or with some brie cheese…or on toast….or on ice cream…..orrrrrrr you can even add a bit of soy sauce and serve it with chicken or fish. See there? Sounds good, huh? Let’s get started…..

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peachserranojam6 peachserranojam


Peach Jam with a Kick

4 ripe yellow peaches (peeled and chopped)
1  c. sugar (if peaches aren’t real sweet, use 1 ¼ cup)
1 small jalapeno or serrano chile, minced (use more or less, depending on your heat preference.)
3 strips lemon peel
2 tblsp. fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp. salt

In a bowl, toss peaches and sugar together. Pour into a strainer and allow  to sit like that for 20 minute. I save the juices for my ice tea.

In a saucepan, over medium heat,bring peaches, jalapeño, lemon peel and juice, and salt to a  bubble. Lower the heat to a simmer for about 20 minutes. With a fork, mash fruit, leaving it a bit chunky. Discard  the lemon peel.    Spoon the mixture into a jar. Chill.

Makes about 2 cups of jam.

Serving suggestions:

  • On toast
  • I add a tsp of soy sauce to a bit of jam and spoon over chicken or fish
  • On ice cream
  • On top of some brie cheese and served with crackers
  • On shortbread cookies



6 thoughts on “Easy Peach Jam with a Kick………………………..

  1. This sure sounds like something I could get in to so easily!!! I may have to get me some peaches the next time out and fix some of this. I know my hubby would love it.

    A few years back, I made something similar to this. I think it was called peach butter. I cut peaches up and placed them in a crock pot, peel and all, with a little vinegar and a little sugar and cooked and stirred them, when they cooked down a bit, I would add more till the crock pot was full of peaches cooking down. I cooked them all day, till most of the moisture was gone and they were a deep dark rich color. It was awesome. After they was cooked, and cooled, then you could put it in freezer containers and pop it in the freezer.

    hugs, Patty

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