Taco Popcorn…..

I hesitated posting this. Just too simple. But I love this stuff so much, that I just had to share with ya’ll. Sharing is good.  You ever have those super lazy days? You don’t even want to leave the house? Nothing like curling up on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn, watching a good movie. Who doesn’t like popcorn? This is a lazy day, simple snack. Although I do like popcorn made on the stove top….giving the pan a shake, shake, shake…..I always seem to burn it. RRRGHHHH. Oh and that yucky burned popcorn smell….blekh. I do like the microwaved popcorn, so that’s what I usually use. Although I have burned my share of that too. 🙂

So, sometimes I just want to kick up my popcorn a bit. This is one of my favorite popcorns. Taco popcorn. So super easy. I just use a packet of my favorite taco seasoning. Ranch dressing mix is also delicious. So, make some popcorn, put on a good movie and enjoy.

tacopopcorn2 tacopopcorn3


Taco Popcorn

fresh batch of popcorn
– 1 packet of taco seasoning (don’t just dump the whole packet on, sprinkle to your taste)

Pop your corn. Immediately sprinkle on the taco seasoning. SO simple, right??


– use dry Ranch Salad dressing mix instead of taco seasoning
– instead of sprinkling on the dry seasoning, you can mix it with melted butter and drizzle it on your popcorn
– crush up some cheese doritio chips and toss with the popcorn
– sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar

be creative!!!






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