Fried Green Beans……with Ranch Dipping Sauce

I have noticed that a lot of restaurants have fried green beans on their menus. Some are beer battered, some are coated in bread crumbs. I prefer a beer batter, myself. Any beer will work for this. You can even use a carbonated water. But beer works best. These are a great appetizer for guests, or just for your lil ol self. Dip them in anything you want, but I made a dipping sauce of Ranch salad dressing, some wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and soy sauce. Mm-m-m-m-mmm. I also like a sauce of sour cream and hot sauce. I’m sure you all have your favorite dipping sauce! You’re gonna love these and will most likely make them again and again. They really are addicting….seriously.

greenbeans3  greenbeans4


greenbeans2   greenbeans1

Fried Green Beans

Fresh green beans, washed and dried
1 cup of beer
1 cup of all purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
vegetable or corn oil for frying

In a bowl, whisk flour, salt and pepper, and beer together, till almost smooth. On a medium high heat, heat about 2″ of oil in a good size skillet.
Dip green beans in the batter and place a few at a time in the hot oil. Don’t crowd them. Don’t keep stirring them around either. If you do, the batter will fall off. Allow them to get brown and gently turn the beans over to get them evenly browned all over. Remove them and drain on power towels. They are good just like this, or you can dip them in your favorite dipping sauce.

Ranch Dipping Sauce

1 cup Ranch salad dressing
1 tablespoon soy sauce
wasabi or hot sauce

Combine the 3 ingredients, and dip away!!!!

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