Carne Asada benedict……………

Who doesn’t like a good eggs benedict? I have had the traditional kind….borinnnnngggg. I’ve had crab cake eggs benedict, salmon eggs benedict, chorizo eggs benedict…YUM. But my favorite of all, is one that I had awhile back at a local eatery. Carne asada eggs benedict. Ohhhhhhhhh, my, my, my. I fell in love right then and there. Of course the mimosa I had with it, made it the perfect brunch. So you have your standard English muffin, slices of steak or left over carne asada and egg. But it’s the topping…..ohhhhh yessssss, the topping takes this to a whole new level. It’s a jalapeno white sauce. I posted the sauce recipe some time ago. It’s a great sauce to eat with tortilla chips! It’s so addicting. Honestly, you won’ be able to stop eating it. Seriously, if you want to impress your family and friends and surprise them with this wonderful dish, you must make this. Or just do it for yourself because it’s really, really good!

carneasadabenedict2   carneasadabenedict


Carne Asada Eggs Benedict
with Jalapeno White Sauce

English muffins, split and toasted
cooked steak, thinly sliced
eggs, poached or however you prefer them

Place thinly sliced steak on your toasted English muffins. Top with the egg of your choice. Pour some white sauce all over it and serve. Simple as that!

Jalapeno White Sauce

2  cups heavy cream
1  cup sour cream
2  tablespoons of butter
1  tsp chicken bouillon
1  tablespoon flour
1  jalapeno (marinated ones from jar) minced (I used more)
1  tablespoon jalapeno juice (from the jar)
1/4  cup shredded Monterey jack cheese

melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour till it forms a paste (roux). Add the cream and let it get hot, but NOT BOIL. Add the sour cream, chicken bouillon, jalapeno, juice. Stir. Add the cheese and stir until smooth and silky. Serve warm.







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