Martini anyone?

One of the things I like most about this time of year, is that tangerines are plentiful. I LOVE tangerines……especially the Satsuma, easy to peel, seedless ones. I am happy just sitting down peeling one after another….plopping those wonderful, juicy little segments into my mouth. But what I really love to do with them, is to juice them and make tangerinitinis. OHHHHH YESSSSSSS. It is my favorite martini. Maybe my favorite drink over all. It’s so delicious and refreshing. I recently discovered bottled, pure, fresh tangerine juice at my local market. It is really good and I would use it if I didn’t have fresh tangerines on hand. But please take the time to juice some fresh tangerines….you will love this drink. You may want  to try mixing the juice with champagne…..or try a tangerita (margarita). Cheers!!

tangerinitini1 tangerinitini2tangerinitini3


3 parts tangerine juice (or more, or less)
1 part good vodka (or more, or less)
just a wee squeeze of lemon juice (optional)
sugar and tangerine zest mixed together (for the rim)

Rub a piece of tangerine all around the rim of a martini glass. Dip the rim into the sugar and zest mixture. Chill in freezer for a few minutes. Squeeze tangerines and pour juice into a shaker ( I just use a jar). Add some ice, your vodka and lemon juice. Shake, shake, shake. Pour liquid into the chilled martini glass. Sometimes I pour the ice in too, sometimes I don’t. That’s it….take a sip. First you get hit with that zesty sugar and then you get that cold liquid yumminess. AHHHHH. So good. So, so good. Enjoy. Put your feet up, relax. You’re going to be happy!!

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