Fried Rice and wontons……

 Last night I made fried rice. I made a veggie version which was filled with 7 different kinds of veggies! I do prefer mine with some type of meat, so I am giving you that version. Either way, it is yummy. I also made some cream cheese fried wontons. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the finished product, but I’m sure you have all seen a fried wonton before! 🙂

I hope you try these dishes!

fryRice2 fryRice1 fryRice 3

Fried Rice

No measurements here. Just eyeball it according to what you like and how many people you are serving.
cooked, cold rice
chicken, shrimp or beef (or all of them)
3 or 4 good splashes of soy sauce
chopped veggies of your choice. I used:
broccoli, bean sprouts, green onion, corn, fresh green beans, chinese cabbage,  pickled ginger
scrambled eggs
1 tsp chicken bouillon

In a large skillet, in a little bit of vegetable oil, fry your meat or use leftover meat. Add the veggies, and bouillon. Stir fry until done but still crispy. Add bean sprouts and toss. Remove from pan and set aside. Put your cooked cold rice into the skillet  and toss until it’s warm. Add all the veggies that you had set aside. Add soy sauce and then your scrambled egg. Serve. It is that simple.


wonton2 wonton1 wonton3

Cream Cheese WonTons

1 package of wonton wrappers (you can purchase these at asian markets and at your local grocery store)
1  8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 green onion
crab or shrimp, minced (optional)
jalapeno, minced (optional)

Mix the filling ingredients together. Place a small amount (1 tsp) in the center of each wonton wrapper. Bring the 2 sides of the wrapper together, then the bring the bottom up and roll. Dab top point with water, roll and seal. Fry in about 1/4″ of hot oil, until brown. They cook quickly! Drain on papertowels. Dip into your favorite sauce. I use a mixture of catsup, chili paste and soysauce.






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