Something to cool you off………………..

I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely hate the heat. This weather we are having just drains you of energy, makes you sweaty, makes you lazy and makes you cranky!! My favorite refreshment in weather like this is an ice cold michelada. If you don’t know what that is, it is an ice cold Mexican beer mixed with fresh lime juice. I like mine with a little chili lime salted rim and a lot of ice. So refreshing and it really cools you off. The other day I ordered one in a restaurant and they added Clamato juice to theirs. It was delicious. I am not really a beer drinker, but I love micheladas. Serve with some hot crispy home fried tortilla chips and you will be a happy person. Cheers!!

michelada3   michelada

micheladaspicy   chililimesalt

chiliChips     chilichips2


Michelada (beer and lime drink)

1 bottle of your favorite Mexican beer (I like Pacifico)
juice from about 3 fresh limes (depending on how juicy your limes are)
lots of ice

Rim your chilled glass with salt. Fill with ice. Pour in the ever so refreshing lime juice. Carefully pour in the beer. I say carefully, cuz I like to see the lime juice and beer separated in the glass. You don’t have to do this, cuz you’re just gonna mix it all up anyway. This is when you may want to add a jalapeno, but you don’t have to!
Drink it up… will feel cooler in no time….really!

Chili Chips

fresh tortillas cut up in strips
vegetable oil for frying
chili lime salt (there are so many kinds of this stuff. I use Tajin but use whatever you have. You can use a mix of cayenne pepper and salt too.

fry your strips in some hot oil. Drain onto a paper towel, sprinkling with the salt while there is still a bit of the oil on the chips. (so the salt sticks to the chips)
Eat em up!




3 thoughts on “Something to cool you off………………..

  1. 10 years ago, no restaurant or bar knew what a Michelada was, now it is common in Mexican eateries. I tried your recipe with the three limes per glass and it the perfect amount of lime. So darn refreshing on these hot days. Heck! They would be refreshing on a not hot day!!!

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