If you like cold brew coffee……

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You know how I hate Mondays. Why is it that on Saturday and Sunday mornings when I don’t HAVE to get up early, I do! But come Monday morning when I have to get up at 5:00, I push that damned snooze button 4 or 5 times and even then I have cloudy brain. I drag myself outta bed, stumble to the shower and all kinds of horrible words come out of my mouth. I make my morning coffee or I visit my local coffee shop on the way to work, trying to wake up.
That drive to work is lonnnnnnng…..well actually it’s only 10 minutes, but it seems long! My attitude sucks……I’m grumpy….I just want to tell everyone I see, to shut up. hahahaha, well…not really….but well, maybe a little bit. At least until I can wake up!
Ok, so all of this that I just described is my typical Monday morning. This morning however, I am a wee bit more perky….a little more awake. You know why?? OMG, I made the most wonderful iced coffee. Yup, and let me tell you…..it is a waker upper.
I made a cold drip coffee this weekend. It’s delicious, it’s strong, it’s delicious…..it’s a MUST MAKE if you are an iced coffee drinker. It is wonderful poured over some good vanilla ice cream too. 🙂 You’re probably saying “oh, I could just make a regular pot of coffee and let it chill. NO-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, it is not the same. Cold drip is much better! You have to try it. Do it for me!
Super simple, super yum yum. Much, much better than any coffee shop coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee
8 cups of cold water
2 ½ cups good coffee grounds (I used DonFrancisco Espresso Roast)

In a large container, pour the water and dump in the coffee grounds. Push the grounds down with a spoon until they are all wet. Cover and let it sit for 12 hours. After 12 hours, strain it through some paper coffee filters or some cheese cloth. I put a paper coffee filter in a strainer basket placed over a large pitcher. This takes awhile to drip. But let it drip while you go do something fun. What you end up with is a wonderful dark, strong coffee concentrate. Chill until you are ready to use it.
Grab a glass……fill with ice and pour in your coffee. Add your favorite Creamer and be ready to WAKE UP!

Sweet Cream
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of half and half or regular milk

Mix the 2 milks, chill. Pour a little into your coffee and you will be very happy. ahhhh, yes.

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