A japanese favorite….

I grew up eating a lot of Japanese food. My mom and dad were both great cooks. My dad made all the great comfort foods that were so not good for you…but they sure were tasty. My mom had her own specialties…..the best spaghetti sauce, the best fried chicken. But she made some wonderful Japanese dishes too. I will be posting those in the coming weeks. A favorite in our house and a favorite of mine today, is yakisoba. You will see it on every menu of a Japanese restaurant. It’s a Japanese comfort food. If you like noodles, or as my mom would say…..noodoo…..you will like this. You can even find it in your local grocery stores now…usually where you find lunch meats, canned biscuits, etc. Strange place, right? If you live near an Asian market, pick some up there…they freeze well. Each package comes with 3 packets of noodles and seasoning packets. You really only need those two items, but to make it the real Japanese way, you will add some chopped cabbage, pickled ginger and a sauce called Tonkatsu sauce. You can find the pickled ginger and sauce in the Asian markets and at some of your local supermarkets,  in the Asian section. But seriously, you really don’t have to add the ginger and sauce. Just add some sliced chicken,beef or shrimp and you have a great meal. Really!!
I took a picture of the ingredients I use. I hope you will try this! As my little Japanese mom would say, You eat the noodoo, make a you hoppy.

yakisoba3  yakisoba1 yakisoba2


1 package (3 packets inside) yaki-soba (not the instant dried kind, shown on tv) blekh…
the 3 seasoning packets inside
chopped fresh cabbage
2 tablespoons of pickled ginger (optional)
1/4 cup Tonkatsu sauce….sometimes called Bulldog Sauce (optional)  **
sliced beef, chicken, shrimp (optional)

Remove the noodles from the packets. Break apart the noodles with your fingers. You can rinse them to make it easier to loosen. In a large skillet, fry your meat and then throw in the cabbage. Toss in the noodles and your seasoning packets. If you are going to use the ginger and Tonkatsu sauce, now is the time to do that. Toss together and it is as easy as that! You eat the noodoo, make a you hoppy.

*Tonkatsu or BullDog sauce is similar to A-1 sauce. It’s slightly sweet, goes great with chicken, beef or pork. It is delicious. You will love it.




An even better Blueberry Scone……..

Recently, I posted about how much I love scones. Here is yet another scone that is so far, my favorite blueberry scone. I think. Until the next one. This one is super tender, moist…so soft that it practically falls apart when you pick it up. It isn’t a super sweet scone. So I drizzled with a sweet sugary glaze on top. They would be wonderful sprinkled with some coarse sugar instead of the glaze!  M-m-m-m-m-mmmmm. What could be better with a hot cup of coffee!!!
A coworker told me today, that she hates scones since they tend to be dry. I suggested that she try my scones. I can’t wait for her to try this one. Are you ready Tania? So, tomorrow is blueberry scone day in the office. I hope everyone likes them.



Even better Blueberry Scone

2 cups of flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
2 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 tsp salt
5 tablespoons VERY COLD butter
1 cup cold heavy cream
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Add the cold butter and mix it together with 2 knives or your fingers until you have a coarse crumb. Make sure you don’t have hot hands. Add the blueberries, coating them all with the dry mixture. Pour in the heavy cream and stir just until it comes together. DO NOT OVERWORK YOU DOUGH or you will have hockey pucks! That wouldn’t be good…you will hurt your teeth….you’ll have to go to the dentist…that cost money….and so on. You get the picture. Dump your dough onto a lightly floured board. (you should have some loose crumbs, cuz I know you didn’t overmix your dough. Just press those loose crumbs into your dough. Gently press your dough into an 8″ square that’s about  1″ thick. Cut that square into quarters. Cut the quarters in half so you have 8 triangles. Place them onto a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake at 390 deg for 8 minutes…..turn pan and bake for another 8 minutes or until very lightly brown. Let them cool….and drizzle with the glaze. Eat em up!!!

Better than what the restaurant serves!

If you have ever been to a Mexican restaurant, or the Brigantine Restaurant, especially in San Diego, you have probably had the white jalapeno sauce they serve with chips. They give you this tiny little bowl and you have to beg for more! Well, beg no more. Make your own. It’s super yum-yum, quick and easy to make and you can make a big ol bowl.
It’s great served warm with some crispy tortilla chips. It’s also wonderful over a grilled chicken breast, or over some fish. OH!! and it’s great tossed with some hot pasta. Or you can make mac n cheese with it!!! The possibilities are endless, really. I make mine pretty spicy. But you if you’re a wimp, you don’t have to make it so hot. 🙂
Whatever you do with it, I suggest you make a lot. People love this stuff!!


Jalapeno White Sauce

2  cups heavy cream
1  cup sour cream
2  tablespoons of butter
1  tsp chicken bouillon
1  tablespoon flour
1  jalapeno (marinated ones from jar) minced (I used more)
1  tablespoon jalapeno juice (from the jar)
1/4  cup shredded Monterey jack cheese

melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour till it forms a paste (roux). Add the cream and let it get hot, but NOT BOIL. Add the sour cream, chicken bouillon, jalapeno, juice. Stir. Add the cheese and stir until smooth and silky. Serve warm. It’s so-o-o-o-o good

If you like cinnamon rolls……………….

Today I took some treats to the office. They were gone in a matter of minutes. Cinnamon rolls with a twist. It’s your basic cinnamon roll, but instead of rolling the dough into a roll, you cut the dough into strips and then cut the strips into 1 1/2″ squares. Gosh darn it, I should have taken a picture of this process. But not to worry…very easy! These are really delicious, but also fun to eat as you pick apart the separate gooey messy layers of yum-mm-m-m-m. As if that isn’t enough, they are drizzled with a gooey glaze. Aren’t you anxious to whip up a batch?? I know you are! I am so excited for you!!! Yay…..go bake..go now.

this one has a glaze without the orange zest


this one below has orange zest in the glaze (my personal favorite)


Cinnamon Pull Apart Buns

1 cup whole milk
2 tablespoons of butter
3  1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 envelope of rapid rise yeast
1 tsp salt

heat the milk and butter just until the butter melts. Should be just warm. NOT TOO HOT or you will kill your yeast. Killing is not nice. Pour into a standing mixer with a paddle attachment. Add 1 cup of the flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Beat on low for 3 minutes, scraping sides of your bowl. Add 2  1/2 cups of flour. Beat on low till flour is all incorporated and your dough is sticky. If it’s too sticky, add 1 tablespoon of flour at a time until the dough starts to form a ball and pulls away from the sides of the bowl. MAKE SURE DOUGH IS NOT TOO STIFF. Turn dough onto a floured surface. Knead it until it’s smooth and stretchy like for about 7 minutes. It’s a good workout! Whew! Form into a smooth ball. Lightly butter a bowl and plop your ball into it. Move it around so it’s coated with butter. Cover with plastic wrap and then put a clean towel over it. Let it double in size in a draft free place, about 2 hours. In the mean time, mix up your  filling.


3/4 cup brown sugar
2  tablespoons of cinnmon
1/2 stick of butter

Mix all three ingredients together till it’s nice and soft. Set aside.


2 cups of powdered sugar and enough water or orange juice to make a nice ribbon like drizzle.

Back to the dough: Punch down the center of the dough, move it onto a floured surface. Roll out into a 15×11 rectangle. Spread the filling all over the dough. Now, cut into 1  1/2″ strips. Then cut those strips the other way, so that you now have a bunch of 1  1/2″ squares. Line a muffin tin with paper muffin cups. Place 4 or 5 squares into each cup. I like to drizzle a bit of melted butter onto each cup and then sprinkle with some sugar. Cover the top with a piece of plastic wrap and the towel again. Let it rise for about  40 minutes, or until doubled in size. Heat oven to 365. Bake for about 15 minutes total. I turn the pan after 7 minutes. Let rest for 15 minutes, drizzle with glaze.

HOLY CINNAMON roly pull aparts….Delicious with a hot cup of coffee or tea or milk or ANYTHING!