Cool treats…….Sangria Popsicles

Summer is coming…that means warm weather…sunshine…..and ice cream and popsicles!! YAY! Sunday I thought I would practice for summer and I made popsicles and ice cream. My wonderful daughter got me some really cool popsicle molds for Mothers Day. Oh boy, oh boy. The possibilities are endless, I tell ya. I knew exactly what I wanted to make first. I had a wonderful bottle of wine…..Flume Blanc….from my favorite Winery in Temecula….WIENS. I made a white wine-grape-nectarine popsicle. OH MY, OH MY. They are like a frozen sangria, full of luscious, juicy fruit and a crisp delicious wine. YOU MUST MAKE THESE. CHEERS!!

Oh, and then I made my favorite ice cream in the whole world. Fresh Ginger and Lime. I had ginger ice cream for the first time last year, in Kauai. I LOVE ginger and use it for everything…..even in my ice tea. This ice cream tastes like summer and of course reminds of Kauai. If you like ginger, you will love this.

You are all most likely going to get sick of seeing popsicle posts as summer draws near, but bear with me ok?? I know you’ll be making your own in no time! So, go buy some popsicle molds and get going.

winepops1    winepop2

White Wine and Fruit Pops

12 oz white wine
1 cup green grapes
1 nectarine or peach

Put the green grapes and nectarine in a food processor and pulse until it’s almost liquid. (I left it kinda chunky) Pour this into a bowl and stir in the wine. Pour into molds and freeze. If you don’t have molds, use an ice cube tray. Just freeze half way, put in a popsicle stick and freeze till solid.  Simple as that!

gingerlimeicecream3              gingerlimeicecream

Ginger Lime Ice Cream




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