Sweet day of hearts and chocolate treats……………….

Happy Valentines Day! May your day be filled with sweet treats….. I have been busy! I have painted 300 cookies, made some oozy goozy coconut macaroons drizzled with chocolate, made chocolate peanutbutter cake pops and buttery salted caramels. Whoever thought you could get sore arms from wrapping caramels and bagging cookies. I am truly out of shape. I love painting cookies…..it really is a passion of mine, but 300 of them? hmmmmm,  I now have blurry vision. Old eyes. Blurry vision and sore arms….hahahahahahaah….from baking!! Who woulda thought!!! I wont post the cookie recipe, since it is your standard sugar cookie recipe and I’m sure you all have your favorite recipe.But I will share the salted caramels recipe. Have a great Valentines Day to you all….eat chocolate…..all day long!  Vcookies pops 1 Macs1 heartcooks4 heartcooks 3 heartcooks 2 heartcooks 1 caramelboil3 caramelslab bagcaramels **don’t use this recipe. I will repost** Salted  Caramels 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup heavy cream 1/2 tsp salt 2 cups sugar 2 sticks of butter mix all ingredients in heavy saucepan and cook over medium heat till mixture reaches 240 degrees. YOU MUST STIR CONSTANTLY. it takes about 45 minutes of stirring. Pour hot mixture into a well buttered baking dish. let firm up, cut into pieces, sprinkle pieces with sea salt and wrap em up. So addicting.  Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Sweet day of hearts and chocolate treats……………….

  1. Betty you are always so busy!!! I”m sure you will remember this time since you are sore now!!! I didnt know you make cake pops!!! I”m sure they are delish as your other baked goods are!!

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