Not baking related, but highly recommended………

Happy weekend my friends….I survived the Halloween baking frenzy. I painted alot of cookies, dipped alot of mummy cake pops and baked some cupcakes. Whew…I am tired. Thank you to all of you who ordered treats from me!

I needed some relaxation, so what could be more relaxing than a great movie. I just have to recommend this movie. Everyone must see it….seriously, go now! About Time is one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. It will make you laugh, laugh, laugh and cry a little too. It will touch your heart. I loved this movie. I was a little hesitant when I heard it was about time travel. It is, but not really. It’s not like the time travel movies that have been out before. Nothing like those. Trust me…seriously…please don’t be turned off by that. It is romantic, it is about family and friendship, It’s funny. I laughed so hard in one particular scene, that I almost peed my pants. hahahahahah.

Did I happen to mention that I loved this movie? I can’t recommend it enough. So, go! Go on…..go now….don’t just sit there…


Look for a new treat that will be posted tomorrrow….You will want to lick your computer screen, I’m tellin ya….YUM.



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