Ever feel like this at the end of a week????

fallencupcake  Long week…days at the office were a little stressful. I personally think we should have a slap a coworker day. LOL, just one day a month. But since I don’t think that will ever happen, I better just get into some serious baking.  Usually when I am feeing a little on the stressed side, I bake. I bake and I bake and I bake. But I am feeling a bit UN-bakerish. Must do something about that. It will be a busy baking time in the next week with Halloween orders. Yay, i get to paint cookies! My favorite thing to do. I will be making some ghosts, pumpkins, mummies, etc. I will post those pictures later in the week.

By the way, anyone who “FOLLOWS” my blog will be entered in a drawing for some really cool halloween treats, which I can mail to you if you are not local. So FOLLOW me and I will take you on a good, yummy, journey.

8 thoughts on “Ever feel like this at the end of a week????

  1. Patrice is right. I was just thinking about breads yesterday, and what holiday breads I might make this year. Just bought some brand new spices at the spice store, so I’m ready to go!

  2. It’s time to make bread. The kneading lets some of the stress out, especially if you have a nice glass of “whine” too!! Hugs

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