Oh happy friday!! The day was long. I mean really long. It dragged….I nodded off at my desk. One of these days, I swear my neck will snap from noddng off. I already fell outta my chair once. Yes, I sure did. I was reading my book at my desk enjoying my lunch. I felt myself getting dozey. The next thing I knew, my chair tipped over and I was pinned between the cubicle wall and my chair. Oh yes….so graceful I am.  Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy, on to more important things like CUPCAKES! It’s cupcake Friday. Remember I told you that every Friday we have cupcake Friday at the office? Today’s cupcake was Triple Chocolate…..I sometmes call this one Triple Bypass. Yikes. It is a fluffy chocolate cake with an amazing chocolate super creamy yummy chocolate buttercreamcheesewhippy frosting. It’s sprinkled with bittersweet chocolate. It’s gooooooood…It is my favorite chocolate frosting. Sometmes when I am cleaning the bowl, some of it slips into my mouth. I don’t know how it happens, but when I least expect it, I will have a mouth full of frosting. Uh huh, really!! Maybe there is a weird entity that is lurking in my home that forces frosting in my mouth.


If you want the recipe, let me know. I still don’t have my RECIPE INDEX set up. But it should be set up next week.  Well, I hope you all have a good Friday evening. I am off to a nice relaxing dinner and large amounts of wine. Cheers! Oh, I almost forgot….this weekend look for my post about another contest coming up!

4 thoughts on “Friday….yes-s-ss-s-s-s–s-s-s

  1. Those were so yummy! It’s amazing how light and fluffy they were!
    Also, I LOVE that you fell out of your chair AT WORK! Hilarious!

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