wedding shower baking and a bump on my head……

I was happily baking away last night. I reached up to my top shelf in the cupboard and a 2 pound block of chocolate fell out and hit me in the head. I saw it coming but I couldn’t do anything but look down so that it wouldnt hit me in the face. OUCH, did it ever hurt! It dazed me a bit. I don’t even know how that chocolate even got up there. I now have a not so nice little bump on my head.

I delivered cupcakes and sugar cookies this morning to a very nice customer…She is so sweet. Thank you Rachel…you are sweet and adorable! This order was fun. It was for a wedding shower.  3 different kinds of cupcakes. White cake with a whippy white frosting, sprinkled with purply sparkly thingys. I like that word thingys….but I guess it isn’t really a word is it? Oh well, it’s my word. Then there was a chocolate cake with a creamy delicious peanut butter frosting. Yum-m-m-m-m-m-mm. Then there was an orange cupcake with orange buttercreamcheese frosting that is pure yummyness……another word I like….YUMMYNESS.  Thennnnnnn, there were lemon flavored sugar cookies in shapes of wedding cakes and bridal gowns, all accented in purple. VERY fun to do. It kinda made me want to get married again……..well, not really. I  was  just kidding. LOL. Then off to a great little coffee shop that I recently discovered. My latte sure woke me up! Then I had the best lunch with my good friend leslie. Out of this world pizza pie and a smoked chicken, sun dried tomatoe pasta and fresh baked bread.  I wll be posting pictures and will tell ya more about that restaurant in my other blog. You must try this italian restaurant if you are in San Diego. What a great day. Now it is time to do laundry……..blah.

purplewedding  closeuppurple  wedding=orangecream=pnutbutter  weddingcakecookies weddingdresspurple

7 thoughts on “wedding shower baking and a bump on my head……

  1. Hey, if I’m gonna get knocked out (better than being knocked up! LOL), what better way to go than by chocolate! Your talents are flawless. Every time I see something else you’ve accomplished, I’m still in awe. Have you done any sliding through the grocery stores lately? LOL Love ya sis (Fuby)! D

    • hahahaha, definately better than being knocked up! No sliding through the grocery aisles lately…I am klutzy enough in my own kitchen!! maybe i should change my name to CLUMSYBUNDLE instead of SUGARBUNDLE! thanks for commenting D. love ya too.

  2. Oh how adorable, and can you imagine….all these beautiful baked goodies while suffering from nearly being knocked out by a block of chocolate! Just shows how talented you really are!!!

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